As a part of the actions that guarantee the appropriate pursuit of the social objective of the “Cluster de Electrodomésticos del Estado de Nuevo León A.C.” (CLELAC) the creation of a Code of Ethics is requested. The code must include clear directions to promote in the actions of its members a worthy conduct which aligns with the cluster’s needs.

We wish to generate confidence towards the members of CLELAC by promoting amongst them a vocation for service.

Through their affiliation, members manifest a commitment and vocation to attend the matters that affect and concern the industry, acquiring at the same time a responsibility for their acts.

According to CLELAC’s social objective, it is essential that the Ethical Code is known by all associates, as they must understand and apply it when developing activities related to the cluster.

With the aforementioned considerations, we publish the following:

Code of Ethics of the Home Appliances Cluster of the State of Nuevo León.

To comply with the objectives, statutes, norms and laws that direct CLELAC, always looking after the benefit of the industry, associates and community, never putting ahead personal interests.

To respect the human resources of the enterprises associated with the cluster, accepting their diversity of opinions and freedom of competition, avoiding disloyal or unprofessional practices.

To respect and protect information which is not public and is shared with the Board of Directors. The responsibility of safeguarding confidential information extends to all associates, committee participants and suppliers of CLELAC.

Environmental Protection
To promote and implement practices that help take care of the environment and increase the community’s quality of life.

The Board of Directors will make an efficient and responsible use of the cluster’s resources. CLELAC’s advisers will be able to verify operations done in any moment.

All the values expressed in this Code of Ethics apply to all the activities developed by professional members of CLELAC.
This document has been approved in a Meeting of the Board by members of the Home Appliances Cluster of the State of Nuevo Leon on April 25, 2013.