Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a cluster?

An industrial cluster (or just a cluster) is a concept that emerged in the early 90’s and is based on the ideas of Michael Porter. It is a group of companies and institutions that are linked in a particular field of competition. There is a wide variety of clusters in the oil and gas, agricultural, transportation, manufacturing, logistics and other industries

2. When was CLELAC born?

On December 18, 2006, the Governor of the State of Nuevo León, José Natividad González Parás, created the Civic Council for the Home Appliance Industry, because he considered the sector to be strategic, and with the objective of attracting national and international investment.
The Home Appliances Cluster of the State of Nuevo León (Cluster de Electrodomésticos del Estado de Nuevo León, A.C.), was constituted July 7, 2009, and operated from within the offices of the Ministry for Economic Development of the State.

3. Who makes up CLELAC?

The triple helix participates in the Home Appliances Cluster: Government, Education, and Industry.
There is a Board of Directors integrated by active and honorary associates of CLELAC, who propose and approve projects to pursue the cluster’s objectives.

4. What benefits do associates receive when entering the Home Appliances Cluster?

The benefits are:
Representation before government institutions.
Benchmark between organizations to reach best practices.
Training and best practices for human resources.
Management and access to government funds to aid the industry.
Representation before other countries and national and international organizations.
Networking between anchor companies, suppliers, universities and the government.

5. What committees make up CLELAC?

The committees meet every month in the cluster’s offices and seek to develop projects that will benefit all associates. The working committees are the following:

1. Human Development
Comparison of HR metrics
Development of training sessions according to needs
Social responsibility projects

2. Energy

Share best practices on energy saving in factories
Conferences on new product proposals and saving projects
Technical counseling to reduce consumption

3. Manufacturing and innovation
Sharing best practices regarding continuous improving or management within operative areas.
Conferences on topics such as Industrial Safety, Stock Management, Innovation and others.
Environmental workshops to improve environmental management.

4. Suppliers
Develop suppliers to comply with standards or objectives of electric appliance manufacturers.
Promoting the substitution of imports of home appliance manufacturers in Mexico.
Information of suppliers for national and international businesses.

5. Promotion and communication

Communication activities between companies of the industry to widen knowledge and share experiences.
Representation of the industry before governmental or private organizations.
Promotion of companies associated to CLELAC at a national and international level.
Inviting new organizations to the cluster.

6. How can I join CLELAC?

Companies interested in joining should send a letter describing their intention to join, as well as a brief description of their business. The admission of new members requires the approval of the cluster’s Advisers.
CLELAC will send you a form which you must fill, scan and return; the required contribution to CLELAC depends on the total number of employees of your company.

Contact: Ph. +52 (81) 8852-8210 y +52 (81) 8852-8220 | info@clelac.org.mx

7. How can I contact CLELAC’s companies?

Due to the Law of Data Protection, the cluster does not share contact information of its member companies, unless they authorize it.