“The Cluster has been of great value to generate a strong link with the Academy, to strengthen the development of talent, with the Government where we support ourselves to treat subjects of interest in the region and with different local companies that have helped the regional integration”.

Eduardo Elizondo Williams

“I had the opportunity of participating in some Cluster Energy Committee sessions and saw very professional work, very organized and helpful to achieve one of our principal objectives in supplying renewable energy”.

Rubén Virgilio Villarreal Villalón

“A tractor company from the Cluster chose us to promote that their suppliers of die cut pieces were painted by us. Shortly after, we acquired projects from other companies in the area of air conditioners and the die cutters use us for other pieces in other markets”.

Luis Adrián Hermosillo Okhuysen

“The participation with the Cluster has been enriching for me, since I was invited to participate as Leader of Human Capital Management Committee, which has allowed me to interact with the partners to detect areas of improvement In the category of training”.

María Guadalupe Ramírez López

“Very honored with the invitation to participate in a model cluster that currently contributes to the lining of a very important sector to our State”

Baldwin Alberto Britton Frías


“I consider that participating in the cluster’s committee provides me the opportunity to get to know the working system of the industry, thanks to the testimony of ITESM’s participation, as well as what can be seen in visits to companies or talks of members of the committee”.

Raúl Edgardo Mercado Narváez , Compañía Carrier México

Having this type of reunions –of the committee- where relevant subjects are share for a better development in the company, contribute to elevate learning and knowledge in a positive manner; furthermore, it solves some questions that surge with time and are often left unsolved”.

Rosalva Yazmín Veloz Cupich , Embraco

“The participation of diverse companies that make up CLELAC seems very useful for me. And especially the diverse posts of the participants that enrich the contributions that are provided during the session.”

José Luis Solís Sevilla , Soluciones Inteligentes en Madera

“Currently we are participating in the INCOA-CLELAC Project and it has been a very good experience, which, no doubt, encourages to continue participating in future projects”.

Mario Adrián Reyes Martínez , Kentek

“The Competitiveness committee of CLELAC is very important to accomplish increasing the capabilities of the companies of the sector and the INCOA program that started in 2015 is a very good example of this.”

Francisco Santo , Whirlpool

“Through this Cluster the organization has had the interest of applying methodologies that have been of great added value and always promoting the competitiveness in the global market.”

Marcos Jonatan Reyes Ortiz , Kentek

“Cribas and Teams are in a phase of sustained growth lead by our Direction. CLELAC has been the “tip of the spear” to make a benchmarking of better tropicalized practices to our people and our processes.”

Perla Carmona Reyes , Cribas y Equipos Industriales

“Participating in the Home Appliances Cluster through the Competitiveness Committee has given me the opportunity to know our suppliers better and to propose support mechanisms that lead us all to improve.”

Gerardo Martinez Cantú , Trane – Ingersoll Rand


“Mesa’s participation in the Supervisors Certification Program called Breakaway Supervisor taught in the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of UANL has been very successful in the development of our talent.”

Otoniel Fernando Zúñiga Sánchez , Mesa

“Our participation in the cluster has been beneficial thanks to the interaction with the businesses that make up the different committees. We have also benefited from the training and exchange of best practices.”

Martha Alejandra Mata Alatorre , Mueller Industries

“The conversation we had today with the Human Resources Committee will help us greatly improve our recruitment through social networks.”

José Juan Sánchez Alonso , Compañía Carrier México

“During the meetings in CLELAC, we have the chance to receive information of interest for our companies, as well as to exchange best practices. It has been very helpful in developing new proposals and solutions.”

Laura Ochoa , Embraco

“Belonging to this group has benefited us greatly, through discounts for courses, and participation in recruitment fairs and strategic projects organized by the cluster. CLELAC helps us stay up to date on talent management tendencies and get close to students and attractive candidates for Embraco.”

Gloria Paloma Álvarez Álvarez , Embraco


“In the Energy Committee of the Home Appliances Cluster our priority is to adapt our system to the energetic management in our local reality and in our time. Changing paradigms motivates us, from the energetic viewpoint, in the manufacture of components for air conditioning systems. This has taken us to the innovation in sustainable solutions for the use of energy and energetic efficiency.

Both the change of paradigms and the innovation, leads us to search, along with the Cluster, transformation routes in the environment in expectation of the new national and regional energetic scenario. We share experiences, knowledge and best practices, without affecting the flow of business and productivity. This allows us to be part of the energetic transition that is starting today in the manufacturing industry of Nuevo Leon.

The Cluster is a great support to Ingersoll Rand Monterrey Plant, to accomplish our corporate climatic commitment.”

Rigoberto Mena, Ingersoll Rand