Cluster de Electrodomésticos

What is a Cluster?

“It is a geographical concentration of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, companies in related industries and associated institutions in particular competing fields, but also cooperate. ” – Porter, 1998

What is CLELAC?

The Nuevo Leon Home Appliances Cluster is Civil Association is formed by companies, academic institutions and governmental agencies. This three cooperate with each other to develop the state’s home appliances industry.

Triple helix

The Home Appliances Cluster (CLELAC) is composed of the triple helix: business, academy and government. They gather bimonthly to create, approve, review and evaluate projects for the growth of the sector.


Increase the competitiveness of the appliance industry through synergy between the business, government and education sectors, to contribute to the sustainable economic development of the region.


To be an internationally recognized cluster as the largest producer of appliances in Mexico, for the competitiveness of its value chain and as the best option in the manufacture of electrical appliances in the American Continent.

Our values



Environmental protection





  • Expand recognition of the sector, CLELAC and partners
  • Improve satisfaction of CLELAC active partners
  • Support the economic growth of the sector
  • Promote commercial linkage of active partners
  • Increase competitiveness of the sector and the value chain