How we work

Cluster de Electrodomésticos

In order to address our objectives we have different strategies to approach our associates:
Committees In CLELAC we work with diverse committees, each of these has their own mission and strategic plan in order to align the activities along the year and accomplish their objectives. Every year, a volunteer Committee Leader is responsible to safeguard the interests of the committee members. Aside of the committees that are exclusively for CLELAC members, we also work with inter-clusters committees, where different clusters work together to drive a branch in common.
Projects With the aim of having a positive impact over our associates, every year the Home Appliances Cluster propose different projects. We adjust our activities along the year to address to the real needs of the industry and our associates. CLELAC keeps the pace of the constantly changing environment around us.
Contests, conferences and certifications Events that started as a one time project and due to the success and their impact, they are now part of events that CLELAC offers year by year.
  • Examples: INCOA Contest, Quality Day, Quality Core Tools Certification, ENCLELAC (Business Meetings by CLELAC).

Return of investment → On 2019 the average RPO was of 50% for our associates

Want to bepart of CLELAC?

  • Your company must be part of the Home Appliances supply chain and should be located in Nuevo Leon.
  • Your company must be part of the Home Appliances supply chain and should be located in Nuevo Leon.



Competitiveness And Operational Effectiveness Committee

Strength the productivity and the client-supplier relationship between the companies who are affiliated to CLELAC and their value chain by refining their productive and management processes. This by improvement initiatives, high impact tendencies proposal and high value relationships between CLELAC members.

Leader: Victoria Ríos - Whirlpool

Penultimate Tuesday of every month

Innovation Committee

Create a collaborative ecosystem to facilitate the generation of competitive advantages for our associates by providing the tools for an effective strategy definition, system implementation and competences development for innovation.

Leader: Daniel Guevara - Viakon

Frequency: Last Wednesday of every month

OEM Supplies Committee

To share the best practices of the home appliances manufacturers in Nuevo Leon with the aim to increase the competitiveness of the sector and develop a sustainable supply chain in the region.

Leader: Enrique Buchanan de CRIOTEC

Frequency: Last Wednesday of every month

Energy Committee (Interclusters)

Providing the necessary tools for the energetic efficiency, relevant upgrades to the law, as well as a energy system management guide for the different manufacturer clusters.

Leader: Alfonso Rivera - Questum

Frequency: First Wednesday of every month

Human Resources Committee

Increase the competitiveness of CLELAC’s associates by specialized trainings, strategic projects, sharing tendencies and establishing high value connections among associates in order to improve their human resources management.

Leader: María Guadalupe Ramírez - Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Frequency: Tercer jueves de cada mes

Social Responsibility Committee (Interclusters)

Strength the corporate social responsibility by exchanging best practices and by participating in diverse projects regarding labour inclusion, environment, social development, among others.

Leader: Carlos Gallegos - Ternium

Frequency: Last Friday of every month